Company History

Our Goal is to provide our clients with high quality service which will directly influence the achievement of financial objectives. Always act as a partner. We strive to adhere to the OTS motto… “Our service does not cost… IT PAYS”.

Serving the San Diego area since 1972 providing tax preparation and planning for federal returns and for all 50 states and territories. Also bookkeeping, financial analysis, and general business consulting with a focus towards local small business and the entrepreneurial individual.


1.Maximum Refund

2.Taxes Made Simple

Lower taxes with long term strategy

More available cash for business growth

Long term protection strategy

Better coordinated retirement options

Well designed exit strategy

Financial peace of mind



Before we start making recommendations, we provide a free 1 hr consultation to get a better idea of your overall objectives for your personal and business finances. This gives us an idea of your big picture so we make sure all the pieces fit together.


After discussing your goals, our next step is to review the last 2 years of your returns along with your current bookkeeping process. This gives us an idea of what your financial situation looks like, what strategies your previous tax preparer may have implemented and what additional options are available.


Within 7 days of hearing your goals and reviwing your previous returns, our team will offer 2-3 ideas that can be implemented to reduce your tax liability, improve your accounting process and set your company up for success. During this meeting, we will share each idea, how it impacts future returns and next steps.

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